Xul Dev, the Project

The project

Xul Dev is a visual Xul IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for designing Xul graphical interface and build software in any programming language.


Contributor are welcomed. You may contribute if you have (even small) experience in these fields:

  • Design of a XUL program.
  • C++ programming.
  • Using XPCom.
  • Integrating the Scintilla editor into another program.
  • Scriptol programming.
Register at sourceforge as contributor or send a message or code (under Mozilla 1.1 licence) to:


Contributions may have several forms... They must be provided under the Mozilla 1.1 licence.

  • Provide a small XUL program.
  • Provide information, adress of useful websites.
  • Patch the program actually provided. Send comments and corrections.
  • Provide IDL, or XPCom wrapper.
  • Speak of you experience in using XPCom, XUL, RDF, etc...




The XUL website holds lot of information about XUL and related formats.
To download the program, click on the button above.